Who We Are

Who We Are

RSA Apparel is an extension of my passion which is teaching . Welcome to my website, my name is Rolly Angeles and I have been a reliability and maintenance preacher (as I do not want to be called a consultant) for 15 years now and counting.  Before teaching my courses on reliability and maintenance, I have been one myself and I know what it is like to be in their shoes.  In fact, to many industries, maintenance is a negative word which always connotes cost. If you belong to the reliability or maintenance part of your organization, then you know that we are on the same page.  You can view my website at www.rsareliability.com or you may watch this video about my journey.

I have teach more than 10,000+++ maintenance and reliability people from 13 countries and still doing it and I know that I cannot teach forever. 

My Mission is to change the image of industries that maintenance is not a cost center but rather it is a profit center

Industries needs to change and maintenance need to realize that we are not in the business of repairing broken equipment but rather our "TRUE" role is about preserving our equipment and assets in our industries.  I have designed my apparels, memorabilia exclusively for maintenance and reliability people to inspire them that we have a job to do and that is to preserve our equipment and not to repair them every time a breakdown occurs.  These apparels are design not only to inspire you but to remind you of our role in your industry and to determine who we really are.  Wear them with pride and showcase them to your plant that you are proud that you belong to this function.  

When I see shirts online, it reflects maintenance in a negative way which is not.  They try to promote maintenance in a negative way.  Maintenance is about preserving equipment and not waiting for the equipment to fail and repair it.  Maintenance can only understand this if we are equipped with the knowledge on how to do them and that is by adapting the best practices on maintenance.  These apparels, memorabilia and collectibles resonates the true message of reliability and maintenance.  We can only transform our industry from a reactive to a proactive one if we want to. Help me change the image of maintenance to the world and let them understand who we truly are and let's leave a legacy for the next future generations to come by teaching them the correct things on doing maintenance.  Let me share with you this video of my journey on reliability and maintenance.  


These clothes, apparels, collectives, memorabilia should remind us why we need to change the image of our industry from being "Reactive to being  Proactive".  If you are from reliability or maintenance, believe me when I tell you that I know the pressures and struggles on maintenance. These apparels and memorabilia should serve as an inspiration from all reliability and maintenance mankind out there that our journey must continue so that we can leave a legacy for the next reliability and maintenance generation to come.  Wear these apparel in your industry with pride, yet humble ourselves because that is who we really are.

Man in the Mirror

Let me share with you these "Wisdom on Maintenance" which reflects what I truly believe in reliability and maintenance.  


I just would like to take this moment to say that it is always an honor to serve maintenance mankind worldwide and "God Speed to Us All".

Yours Truly

Rolly Angeles